The Experts

The selected PIRRS Independent Expert may, in addition to being bound by the PIRRS procedure terms and conditions, separately provide both parties with a set of his/her own terms and conditions.

From the point that both parties have lodged their payments and either their completed Deeds of Variations or, in the case of tenancy renewals, the agreed tenancy terms with PIRRS the case will be handed over in its entirety to the selected Independent Expert. PIRRS will have no further involvement in the case.

PIRRS is not liable for any dispute between a tenant and his/her landlords or disputes with a selected PIRRS Independent Expert.

PIRRS cannot guarantee that the Independent Expert’s rental Determination will be within the value parameters originally discussed between the tenant and the landlord.¬† The scheme cannot act to constrain PIRRS¬†Independent Experts. Their Determination figure will represent their own Expert opinion of rental value.

Once the Independent Expert has made his Determination both parties will receive notice of the final rental figure.

PIRRS does not dictate how the Independent Expert makes his Determination. The Independent Expert is not required to provide his workings to either party unless requested at the outset to provide a reasoned Determination at additional cost.


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