Only a tenant can opt to use PIRRS to resolve disputed rentals

The pub industry self regulation is not dead – far from it is the message delivered from the Pub Governing Body chairman Sir Peter Luff.

PIRRS was set up in 2009 as part of the industry’s self regulation with the aim of offering a speedy and low cost alternative to the Arbitration and formal Independent Expert modes of rental dispute resolution detailed in most leases. Many prior to PIRRS simply could not afford to dispute the rent review figures placed before them by their Brewery or Pub Co landlords. PIRRS from the start acted to resolve this state of inequality and has become established, well accepted and trusted within the industry.

The Pub Governing Body which oversees PIRRS has revealed it has considered a request for Pub Cos to utlise PIRRS automatically to deal with disputed rent reviews.Such request was vetoed however on the basis of the PGB’s decision that the scheme’s credibility was dependent on the ability of tenants to have the choice of which route to take.

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