Greater transparency options within PIRRS

PIRRS has been extended, responding to requests from the industry, to provide that a PIRRS Independent Expert will, if either side requires it, supply the parties with the reasons behind a PIRRS rental determination and this will include a detailed calculation. The extra cost of providing reasons will be £1,500 plus VAT with the parties being left to decide between themselves in what proportions this is to be paid.  Neither party can oppose reasons being given if the other side require this and both will receive the reasoned Determination document irrespective of who has paid for it being supplied. In a further initiative, instigated by the Pub Governing Body which oversees PIRRS, the name and address of the premises concerned, the existing pre rent review rent and the new rent as determined by the PIRRS Independent Expert will be publicised online on this website unless the tenant involved in the case objects to this. The reasons and calculations behind the Determination will not however be published and remain confidential between the parties.

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