From 21 July 2016, companies operating 500 or more tied pubs were no longer covered by the self-regulatory system and instead subject to the Pubs Code regulations 2016 and associated legislation. As such, there is no requirement for such companies to offer PIRRS. However, both companies and tenants have expressed a wish for a low-cost resolution service in situations where the tenant or lessee wishes to remain tied and negotiate the tied rent. In consultation with tenant and company representatives, the PGB Board has agreed to make a specific form of PIRRS available if both parties wish to utilise it to determine a tied rent.


How this is triggered: 


  • PIRRS strongly recommends that both parties have issued a final formal tied rental offer to each another before a PIRRS application is agreed upon. The parties are advised to take professional advice before doing this and to mark their final offer as being ‘without prejudice’ to protect their position.


  •  If the final tied rent offer cannot be agreed on, both parties have the option of utilising PIRRS to determine this. If both parties mutually agree to use PIRRS, they both declare this on the below form. Parties will pay a non refundable £250 + VAT administration charge to PIRRS as part of this application, the company and tenant will agree who, or both, pay the charge. Where parties cannot agree on a fee split, it will be split 50-50 between the two parties.


  • Cheques should be made payable to Pub Governing Body, if you would like to BACS the payment account details can be found on the form below.


  • Once the application form and payment is received by PIRRS, the PIRRS process continues as per the procedure paper. 


Click on the links below for Procedure Paper and Administration Form:


PIRRS Procedure Paper Over 500 Pub Companies

PIRRS Administration Fee Form – Over 500 Pub Companies